I/O Frames

While much of the studio has moved to Ethernet for controls communications, there are still many physical input and output devices to attach to. Switchers, cameras, and monitors may need DC connections for tally, and the availabiltiy of General Purpose Input/Output connections (GPIO) allows a TallyEngine system to connect devices in ways never before possible in your studio.

TallyEngine, LLC manufactures two different I/O systems for connection to hardware tally and GPIO signals:

Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) based

PLC based systems are the ultimate in reliability and versatility. A mix of input and output modules can be customized for your studio's particular requirements. 5 Volt, 12 Volt, 24 Volt, and 110 Volt input cards are available, as are relay, transistor, and Triac output cards. These systems are based on industrial strength hardware, with millions of road miles proving ruggedness beyond compare. Typical PLC frames provide 32 inputs and 96 outputs in a 4RU package, providing I/O on EDAC connectors or removable barrier strips, and communicating either serially or via Ethernet to the TallyEngine controller.

Printed-Circuit based

Our lower-cost I/O option is a standardized frame providing 32 inputs (12VDC) and 64 isolated relay outputs in a 2RU package. Field connections are on industry-standard 38-pin EDAC rectangular connectors, and communications to the TallyEngine can be via Ethernet or RS-422 serial.